MJC Agri Services is based in Knockmore, County Wexford in Ireland, covering the UK and Ireland.

MJC Agri Services specialises in the maintenance of permanent and temporary grassland for the Equestrian & Agricultural/ Smallholding industries, establishment cover crops/ environmental seed mixes, herbal (multi species) grass leys. By using up to date, low disturbance applicators, we reduce the amount of soil moved allowing nature to improve the soil health naturally.

MJC Agri Services also provides agronomy services and specialises in regenerative agriculture. Utilising modern technology to produce high quality crops while reducing inputs.

MJC Agri Services are a firm believer in improving soil health and fertility and wildlife areas for the attraction of natural predators.

Meet the team…

Matt Carpanini

Matt is 25 years old, having gained BSc Agriculture with crop production from Writtle College, Essex in 2018. Matt has worked on a number of farms in his local area and abroad while helping out in the butchery trade in his spare time. Matt is currently undertaking BASIS qualification to help improve his ability and knowledge within the management side of agriculture, with a view on gaining FACTS qualification after. Matt is also a fully qualified sprayer operator and is NROSO (National Register of Sprayer Operators) member in the UK and is a registered sprayer operator in Ireland.

Matt also runs a small flock of sheep on a regenerative agricultural grazing system on multi species sward. Matt sells lambs direct to local butchers or can be purchased for freezing.

Catherine Carpanini

Catherine has always had a passion for Agriculture and has helped Matt along the way. Catherine completed a degree in Political Sciences at the University of Leicester, graduating in 2020. She looked at the effects of violence on the Agricultural industry across the world. She works along side Matt helping with logistics, planning and field work.